Samsung S-Skin Smart Skincare Solution

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Get deep-rooted skin analysis with the Samsung S-Skin Consumer Skincare Solution. This smart IoT device is a personal skin analyzer you can use anywhere on the go. The set consists of a biodegradable microneedle patch and also a portable device with a mobile app. As a result, they make your skin analysis program easy and hassle-free. The microneedle patch will penetrate your skin and deliver effective ingredients with enhanced absorption rates. It can measure useful factors like hydration, redness, and melanin of the skin. The customized skin care program uses LED light and works like a charm. Using micro and nanotechnology is the most sophisticated in personal skincare. The device will also analyze your skin and your surrounding environment before coming to a proper skincare solution. This is what a Smart Skincare Solution is all about and the Samsung S-Skin makes sure your skin is glowing.

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