Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock With Keyless Touchpad Security

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With features such as the dual-way security and touchscreen based control system. the Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock will increase your home security like never before. This lock applies the power of circuit technology in order to withstand high-voltage electric shock. That way, safety is increased for this door lock. Even if the indoor temperature is 60 degrees or above, there is an alarm sound as well as an automatic release of lock on the door. Now, if the electronic operating feature is somehow damaged, the door can then be opened by a manual lever. In the case of physical shocks or repeated errors in gauging authentication for access, the alarm sound will help in reducing the intrusion accidents. The lock is also provided with a crime setting feature that will prevent intrusion whenever you are going out by featuring the alarm sound if the door lock is operated from inside the home. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about locking the door anymore as the door locks automatically as soon as it is closed.

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