Scriba – The Stylus Reinvented

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Scriba puts creative control back in your hands. Its flexible body and dynamic squeeze motion responding beautifully to your touch. Scriba is a new stylus designed around the natural movements of your hand. With a flexible body and dynamic squeeze motion, Scriba responds to your every touch. What sets Scriba apart is a seemingly simple idea for a new type of stylus. The stylus should be designed around the user, rather than merely adapting a historic form that evolved to contain pencil lead or ink. Scriba has been sculpted around the hand. The unique form has been designed for intuitive use, complementing the hand’s natural movement and grip. Scriba has no buttons. It is activated by a squeeze of its light, organically shaped-body that bends in response to gentle pressure. Adjust line-weight smoothly and precisely using the body of the stylus rather than relying on applied pressure to a small rubber tip, swap seamlessly from the precision of a fine tip pen to the broad strokes of a brush.

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