Sacuba Self-Clean Sunglasses

$79 USD
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You can now clean smudgy lenses with no hassle when you wear the Sacuba Self-Clean Sunglasses. Featuring built-in lens cleaning, you just need to push the lens through the top of the frames, then back, and they’re clean. Lenses can become smudgy with sweat, skin oil, and water spray. While effective, using cleaning cloths are really inconvenient in outdoor activities. Likewise, rubbing lenses with a T-shirt can scratch the lenses. Enter the Sacuba Sunglasses. At the top of the frame is an innovative microfiber cleaning pad system that encases the top of the lenses. You just need to push the lenses up and the microfiber material traps the dirt, water, and other liquids. Then, push the lenses back down into place and enjoy a totally clear view. The Sacuba Sunglasses are effortless to use whether they’re cleaning water droplets, fog, or debris. They can even capture oil and grease without leaving smudges behind. With interchangeable lenses, the Sacuba Sunglasses are ideal for any and every activity.

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