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YoYo Mats Self-Rolling Yoga Mat

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Use a yoga mat that can stay flat or roll up when you need it to with the YoYo Mats Self-Rolling Yoga Mat. Unlike traditional exercise or yoga mats, YoYo mats roll up all by themselves. To roll it up, all you have to do is flip the mat over and click it. They also stay that way while carrying, storing or traveling, so you don’t need additional straps or bags. Additionally, the YoYo mat stays flat while you use it, making curling edges a thing of the past. To make it flat, make sure the top side is facing you then just toss or unroll it away from you. Once it unrolls completely, give it a click so it locks in place. Furthermore, the top surface offers a non-slip material that maintains grip even if you sweat on it. Likewise, the thick bottom side provides comfort and support.

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