Sensorwake Oria Olfactory Sleep Enhancer

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Rise and shine while feeling rested with the Sensorwake Oria Olfactory Sleep Enhancer. The creators of the olfactory alarm clock are back with this incredible night time device. Using patent-pending sleep enhancing scents, this device ensures you get a good night’s sleep every night. Backed by scientific studies, the scents emitted from Oria actually help you relax. And, of course, once you’re relaxed, you can fall asleep with ease. But, it’s not just about falling asleep. Oria actually helps you sleep better throughout the night and for longer. The smart system achieves this with two distinct scents. The first helps you drift off while the latter helps you stay asleep. With nearly a third of a lives spent sleeping, quality is of the utmost importance. With the Sensorwake Oria Olfactory Sleep Enhancer, you can say goodbye to restless nights!

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