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ZipSeam Instant Shirt Tailoring System

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Make your shirts fit perfectly with the ZipSeam Instant Shirt Tailoring System. In just minutes you can go from looking like a slob to looking like a polished professional. Lightweight and easy to use, this system includes two durable seam channels and two inner locking cords. You simply align the channels along your desired shirt fit. Then, you push the fabric into place and lock in the fit of the shirt using the cord. With the holding strength of more than 14 pounds, the ZipSeam keeps your shirt at the exact perfect fit all day long. Perfect for shirts that fit you at the neckline but balloon out in the body, the ZipSeam transforms your closet. The ZipSeam weighs less than an ounce and is virtually invisible. At the end of the day, you can easily remove them. Alternatively, you can keep them in place as the ZipSeam is washer and dryer safe.

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