Skrub’a Veggie Gloves

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The Skrub’a Veggie Gloves from Fabrikators is a line of scrubbing gloves designed expressly to aid in cleaning potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. Thing is that 50 percent of the vitamins a vegetable contains is in the peel, and you throw it all away when you use a peeler. The Skrub’a Veggie Gloves prevent this loss by cleansing the peel of dirt and other contaminants. This means the peel is hygienic and safe for human consumption, and you get twice the vitamins as before. The gloves are FDA approved, and made of a fine and flexible nylon mesh that nicely fits any adult size. They even have special kid-sized gloves if you’re running a sweatshop kitchen where your kids clean veggies for their allowance. The gloves are easy to clean since they’re both machine-washable and dishwasher-safe.

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