SmokeD Smart Fire Detection Camera

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Protect your home and community from wildfires with the SmokeD Smart Fire Detection Camera. Using software that works with artificial intelligence, the SmokeD camera lets you know about the occurrence of wildfires right away. With every minute, the surveillance system prepares 60 images, helping the AI learn to detect smoke. The SmokeD camera notices smoke on an image then pinpoints the location on the map using GPS. Once it has identified the exact location, it notifies SmokeD users through the app. After you receive the notification, you can verify whether what you see is dangerous. If over half the users confirm the warning, the detection center notifies the camera owners, emergency services, and the local community. Additionally, you can also share the information via social media, email or text. Furthermore, the SmokeD camera covers approximately 36 acres of video surveillance and detects smoke up to 10 miles.

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