POLAR SEAL Smart Heated Tops

$179 USD
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Be prepared for the cold this winter when you wear one of the POLAR SEAL Smart Heated Tops. Intelligently designed, this smartwear features integrated heating zones in the back to keep you warm and cozy. With a touch of a button, you can crank up the heat to make any winter wonderland seem like an oasis. The POLAR SEAL Top has two buttons on the left sleeve where you can select one of three heating levels. Low brings the heating zones to 104F, medium is 113F, and high is 122F. With just a glance, the buttons indicate which level you’re on. In addition, the buttons even work when you’re wearing gloves. Powered by standard USB power banks, the POLAR SEAL top will keep you warm for up to 8 hours if you use a 10,000 mAh power bank. The shirt uses a built-in USB plug so you can swap between a smaller 5,000 mAh power bank or bigger power banks depending on your preferences.

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