Virchybike LITE Smart Indoor Bike

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Experience an enjoyable and dynamic exercise with the Virchybike LITE Smart Indoor Bike. Virchybike offers a personalized workout management system and virtual reality programs to enhance your indoor cycling experience. You can experience a variety of cycling activities by simply connecting Virchybike to the mobile app using Bluetooth 4.0. Virchybike has four main features to choose from. With Virchy Riding, you can ride on simulated international courses such as Tour De France and the Alps. Similarly, Virchy Studio applies auto-resistance control, so all you have to do is follow the instructions and keep peddling. VR Riding Game offers a realistic riding experience using a head-mounted display. In addition, Fit For You provides personalized workout programs, workout missions, physical assessment and more. Finally, the handlebars and saddle are adjustable both vertically and horizontally to suit all riding styles and body types.

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