Unico Smartbrush Oral Hygiene Device

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[Updated 12/09/2017] Project Canceled on Kickstarter. Issue: Limited Functionality on their app therefore does not comply with Kickstarter’s project guidelines.

Transform the way you clean your teeth with the Unico Smartbrush Oral Hygiene Device. Unico cleans all exposed tooth surfaces simultaneously and dramatically reduces the time it takes to clean your teeth. With a total duration of just three seconds, this effective cleansing device performs circular movements automatically and flawlessly. Likewise, the mouth unit features ergonomic and wide brushes that reach interstices between teeth. In addition, it does not damage your tooth enamel or gums. Unico even injects the right amount of toothpaste directly on the teeth. Similarly, the special nozzles in the mouth unit splash toothpaste over the tongue. Unico toothpaste also doubles as mouthwash. Furthermore, you can hold the small and lightweight power unit in your mouth without using your hands. The mouth unit uses an antibacterial silicone material that comfortably fits into all dental arches. Unico is available in four formats, depending on your mouth size and height, and is even suitable for children. Finally, you can easily adjust settings through the Unico app.

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