SNKRBLT – The World’s First Belts To Match Your Sneakers

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When you wear sneakers and denim, what belt do you wear? The current belts are made in formal colors like brown and black, the wrong material and style and just not fun to wear.
 Wouldn’t it be great if there was a brand that made belts to match every kind of sneaker? With buckles you can adjust to the colors of the footwear? This is SNKRBLT. Problem solved. 

- It’s more fun to wear a SNKRBLT and match some of the colors. It’s dressing up without dressing up!
- All buckles are interchangeable / adjust it to your sneakers,
- Every design is a limited edition / we will only produce 999 pieces,
- Designed in Amsterdam and handmade in Italy,
- We deliver an amazing belt for a good price (sorry middleman for cutting you out!)
- Super quality calf leather and strong buckles. 

Handpicked are these models:
Come Together / Navy – matches any combination of denim and sneakers.
Sweet Dreams / White – the ultimate belt for any sneakers with white elements.

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