Sony DPT Series Digital Paper Tablet

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Experience complete writing freedom with the Sony DPT Series Digital Paper Tablet. This device allows you to read and write just like you would with real paper. However, it also offers the benefits of digital features, such as easy sharing, document encryption, and searchable documents. Likewise, the Digital Paper app makes it even easier to transfer files to and from your computer or smartphone. The paper tablet comes with a dpi high-resolution display, delivering clear print-quality text. The screen is also less strenuous on the eyes thanks to its low glare. This writing tool allows you to highlight, erase and annotate on your documents and even accepts hand-written notes. The DPT series includes two models, a 13-inch letter size tablet and a 10-inch notebook size tablet. Ideal for use on the go, the highly portable 10-inch tablet is more manageable thank to its compact size.

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