OTOTO Space Ship Potato Masher

$17 USD
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Ensure your dinner is out of this world with the OTOTO Space Ship Potato Masher. This nifty handheld is complete with a cartoon-like space ship in the place of a handle. Extending down towards the bottom is an equally cartoon-like exhaust trail. At the very bottom of the Space Masher is an exhaust cloud just like you’d see with a NASA take off. It is this cloud that functions as the masher. The irregular shape helps to break down potatoes or anything else that requires mashing. Featuring high-quality plastic, the space ship portion of the Space Masher is ergonomic for total control. The shape of the ship, which comes in red, allows your hand to effortlessly wrap around. Delightful and fun, the Space Masher makes cooking the best part of the meal.

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