Suji Base 28″ by Skateboards

$240 USD
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Base 28″ is a solid-oak cruiser skateboard made by French company Suji Skateboards. Each board is handmade in France by the company, and they only use sustainably sourced wood. The company offers a lot of models, but this one is a classic and timeless one that comes with Seismic Cambria wheels and tracker Dart trucks. You may use it just as skillfully for a grocery store run as far for a skateboard-a-thon on the down-low in the neighbor’s empty pool. If you want more choice, take a look at their other models including the Narrow 24”, Swallowtail 28” and the Fat 36” boards. Oh, and the Suji team is happy to customize your board with whatever etchings, tattoos, logo or other artwork you want printed on the board.

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