Swanky Floating Ladle

$19 USD
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Never lose your spoon again with the Swanky Floating Ladle. Incredibly, this kitchen utensil rests on top of any liquid in the pot. Featuring superb balance, the Swanky Ladle stays upright even in moving liquids. The handle of this ladle features an oh-so-elegant Swan and neck. At the top is the bill of the swan for additional dexterity and grip for when it’s time to serve. Simply pick up the ladle, scoop up some delicious food, and serve. Available in white, pink, and black, the Swanky Ladle is the perfect finishing touch to any dish. Because it rests on top of your food, you won’t need to worry about messy counters. Featuring a durable plastic construction, the Swanky Ladle can hold up to even the chunkiest chicken noodle soup.

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