Tabula Sense Smart Desk

$2490 USD
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Cater your workspace to your every need with the Tabula Sense Smart Desk. This technologically advanced desk is loaded with features to make your job a breeze. On the exterior, the Tabula Sense Desk is sleek as it uses both wood and aluminum for a stunning finish. But, with a closer look, its true beauty is revealed. The Tabula Sense Desk comes ready to rock with built-in Bluetooth speakers in the back. Pairing with your devices, the desk gives you instant surround sound. In addition, this smart desk features wireless charging spots. You can simply drop your device on the surface and it will begin charging. Perhaps most exciting of all is the built-in induction cup warmer. You can leave your cuppa on the side and rest assured it will be hot whenever you have time to drink up.

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