TENC Full Coverage Case for iPhone 7

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Just Mobile TENC is a masterwork of technical virtuosity: a near-invisible, self-mending case for the new iPhone 7. Crafted in flexible polycarbonate material with a self-healing smart coating, contouring to the iPhone’ s curved edges, the TENC™ will keep your precious phone protected and pristine – offering incredible transparent durability without compromis- ing the beauty of your beloved phone. Available in crystal clear, matte clear and matte black. The abrasion resistant coating gives your phone case a pristine appearance altogether. To top it all is the flexible material that facilitates easy put on and take off. It’s a case designed to give effortless protection to your new iPhone 7 without compromising with the smartphone’s original design. That’s what makes it one of a kind. A self-healing case your iPhone 7 can definitely make good use of.

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