The ILY Family Phone – Connecting Families With One Single Tap

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Staying connected with your family becomes super easy with The ILY Family Phone. Regardless of location or tech savviness, this phone makes sure you stay connected with each other. You could be on any device (iOS, Android, ILY) and there could be 3 to 93 people available at one time. It’s one of those cool phone systems that gives your family the power to communicate on their own terms. Even your little kids can use this phone easily. All they have to do is tap on the picture of the person they want to talk to and that’s just about it. They can not only make calls but also send pictures and drawings from the device too. On the other hand, those who are receiving the calls can either take it on their ILY device or download the ILY app on their smartphone or tablet. All in all, this is a safe and secure solution which can now replace your landline phones in style.

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