The Messenger

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Nomadic Gifts introduces The Messenger: The First Gift Designed to be Regifted. Nomadic Gifts presents a unique, modern & interactive gift that is designed to be regifted. Give it away & track it online forever. The Messenger was inspired by the working pigeons that bravely carried messages across enemy lines during times of war. Whether you receive your Messenger as a gift or buy it yourself to give away you may display it for a while with your note inside before gifting it to someone new. Each Messenger has a unique ID number that allows you to register it online and set up your private profile. This will plot your location in our online map and begin your gifting legacy. When you are ready to give it away for a new occasion you will write a note of your own, place it inside and send it off to someone new. The Messenger is an excellent gift for any celebration; wedding, new baby, graduation or just to say “You are Awesome.” You are now creating a Nomadic Gift Family! Our tracking system alerts you each time your Messenger is regifted so you can watch it travel for years to come and interact with everyone who receives it. Share photos, private message and add more people to your Nomadic Gifts Family. Our apps support regifting and worthy charities as well.

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