Tinké | Fitness & Wellness Sensor

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The Zensorium Tinké is smart and the only sensor that can measure your Fitness and Relaxation levels at your fingertip. It will show you how fast your heart is pacing (heart rate), how much oxygen that is in your body (oxygen saturation), your pace of breathing (breathing rate) and the rhythmic pattern of your heart (heart variability). It will monitor your day to day changes, inform you about the world population progress in real time, and link with social network via their Fitness and Relaxation. Take a Vita Fitness measurement everyday to know your body status. Take a Zen Relaxation measurement to calm as well as to understand your inner self. Tinké is all about simplicity. With a touch of your finger, you can obtain the measurements of the 4 parameters, and 2 indexes within seconds. No other device can do this. Tinké fits into your lifestyle in a non‐obtrusive way. Its no‐fuss portability means you can assess your fitness and wellness on your iOS device just about anywhere.


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