TOGA – The Holder | Upgrade | Keychain for EOS® Lip Balms

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TOGA is a real-life upgrade for your beloved EOS lip balms that improves portability, aesthetics, and usability in a stylish and simple way. TOGA comes in two patent-pending designs: The “Standard” silicone with stainless-steel chain version and the all-silicone “Lite” version. They both work great and make using your EOS lip balm on a daily basis so much easier. No more time wasted looking for it at the bottom of your bag. Your lip balm remains exactly where you hook or hang it, ready to be used within seconds, each and every time.  EOS lip balm is all about intelligent design–from the uniquely rounded shape which allows it to be applied to both lips simultaneously to the smooth feel of the outer shell and flat bottom.

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