Tuck Ultimate Comfort Companion

$35 USD
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Introducing Tuck, the Ultimate Comfort Companion. It’s a Tuckin’ awesome snuggle device that quickly transforms from one cozy comfort mode to the next. It starts as a pocketed blanket with three bottom pouches for a warm and secure foot placement. Flip it upside down, and it’s a hooded cloak with thumbholes! With some simple folding, it becomes a fluffy pillow with a built-in sleep mask. You can share it with your favorite binge partner to supe up your snuggles or wear it to work and feel warmer on those chilly mornings or take it with you for a cozy fortress of solitude in previously uncomfortable places. Tuck is all the comforts of home in one portable package, and to top it off, buying one helps those in need too.

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