uniVERSE Smartphone Case System With Smart Modules

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Otterbox brings a special case for your smartphone with swappable modules in the form of uniVERSE. This smartphone case system meets Otterbox Drop+ Protection Standards and has been subjected to 24+ torture tests over 238+ hours in the lab. But what makes it one of a kind is the fact that it gives your smartphone the power of new features in the form of swappable modules. You can turn your phone into a pro camera, sound system, modern register and more with this case. The case is what forms the connection system for all the modules. From the Olloclip 4-in-1 lens kit to the Polar Pro stash wallet, you can add any module to your smartphone depending on your preference. Just like what Google Project Era claims to do, uniVERSE Case System is here to upgrade your smartphone case with something more functional and versatile.

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