VESTA Smart Direct Car Heat Alarm

$79 USD
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Protect the ones you love with the VESTA Smart Direct Car Heat Alarm. This revolutionary device is equipped with smart sensors to keep your family safe. It attaches to your vehicle and connects seamlessly to your smartphone. From there VESTA keeps tabs on your vehicles metrics. It features a GPS sensor so you can always find your car. In addition, when parked, the temperature sensor monitors the heat in real-time. If it gets hotter than the threshold, it instantly checks the CO2 level in the vehicle. This smart feature actually checks to see if there are any babies, kids, adults, or even pets trapped inside. In addition, it VESTA detects someone is in the car, an instant text goes to your smartphone. This message includes the car’s exact location as well as the current temperature. VESTA can save your family and loved ones from tragic accidents no matter the season.

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