Ava Robotics Video Conferencing Machine

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Easily communicate with your team members from anywhere with Ava Robotics Video Conferencing Machine. Featuring innovative Cisco video technology and Cisco spark integration, Ava changes the way we collaborate remotely. The machine combines high definition video conferencing with autonomous mobility, allowing users to move around a distant location with ease. Likewise, it makes you feel as though you are actually there. Furthermore, Ava is capable of mapping its environment and uses its AI to move around safely. Plus, it simply goes back to its charging station when it is not in use. Aside from clear video, the machine also provides high definition audio and end-to-end security. It also comes with an app that allows users to move around a space and join in on side discussions. Finally, Ava helps teams increase productivity by enhancing collaboration while building and maintaining relationships regardless of one’s location.

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