PIQS TT Virtual Touch Projector

$549 USD
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Introducing the PIQS TT Virtual Touch Projector. This media device is phenomenal both inside and outside. Coming in your choice of silver or champagne gold, this projector uses the latest technology to give you an intuitive experience. Using Android, you have access to all of your favorite apps you know and love. Most impressively, the TT Projector uses a dual-optic system. With this, you can autofocus as well as use virtual touch. The remote allows you to interact with the display like never before. In fact, the controls are very similar to how you use your smartphone. Additionally, the autofocus component is highly intelligent. The patented technology automatically puts your content into crystal clear focus. Finally, the TT Projector features state of the art projection mapping with AR. It can automatically recognize objects and project interactive and responsive content onto them, including you!

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