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Spino Wearable Lower Back Support

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Improve your posture and keep your back healthy with the Spino Wearable Lower Back Support. Whether you’re sitting on a chair or floor, Spino provides constant support to the lower back. To use Spino, simply place the back pad around your lower back and kneepads around your knees. Then adjust the tension in the belt to achieve perfect posture automatically and sit comfortably for hours. Likewise, the breathable backpack uses a soft and adaptable inside cushion as well as premium and durable outer materials. The comfortable kneepads provide cushion support using durable fabrics along with a strong yet flexible ABS outer shell. Furthermore, Spino comes in a Standard and Deluxe version. The Standard Spino features fixed straps while the Deluxe Spino comes with interchangeable straps and a chair armrest attachment. Finally, just use Spino for 15-20 minutes every day to improve your posture.

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