Snowfeet Wearable Mini Skis

$134 USD
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Move through the snow using just your winter shoes with the Snowfeet Wearable Mini Skis. Featuring a small and lightweight design, you can use Snowfeet on and off the slopes. Additionally, Snowfeet can access areas where you wouldn’t usually take your snowboard or skis, such as down small paths in the forest. Likewise, you don’t have to carry any heavy equipment like snowboards, skis, ski poles or ski boots when you use Snowfeet. Plus its compact size conveniently fits into any bag. Snowfeet’s sizing is universal though it offers an ideal fit for shoe sizes US 7 to 12. Simply slip your regular winter shoe into Snowfeet and adjust the straps for a secure fit. Finally, Snowfeet uses highly durable plastic to withstand extreme temperatures.

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