Wherever Water Cucumber Water Bottle

$20 USD
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Enjoy the benefits of infused water with the Wherever Water Cucumber Water Bottle by Full Circle. This ingenious design allows for the fullest flavors from cucumber in your water. At the top of this water bottle is a removable spiral cutter. Simply place the cut cucumber in this mechanism and screw to slice. Each slice automatically falls into the bottle to mix with your water. The Wherever Water Cucumber Water Bottle is perfect for taking on the go. Additionally, you can also bring along extra cucumber so it doesn’t sit in the water throughout the day. This bottle gives you that spa-like feeling anywhere you are. The entire system is made with dishwasher safe materials. These include glass, Tritan, recycled plastic, and silicone. Finally, in addition to being dishwasher safe, all of these materials are durable and sturdy.

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