R-Kaid-R Wooden Portable Game System

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Enjoy classic games on a retro-looking device with the R-Kaid-R Wooden Portable Game System. Made from solid wood, the folding console allows you to play your favorite classics such as Asteroids and Pac Man. In fact, it can store more than 10,000 emulated games. Just add the games you want via USB to make your very own game library. Additionally, the portable game system offers more than five hours of gaming per charge. Simply use the included USB whenever you need to give it more power. The R-Kaid-R is available in a limited edition, including 50 units per style/color option. You can personalize the R-Kaid-R from a selection of wood and color options. Upon purchasing the R-Kaid-R, you’ll also receive a collector’s certificate.

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