FriendChip Zero-Configuration Bluetooth Beacon

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Make friends and attract customers nearby with the FriendChip Zero-Configuration Bluetooth Beacon. FriendChip is an Eddystone beacon that is powered by the Physical Web. By using Bluetooth, the beacon sends your FriendChip online profile to smartphones in the area. To use FriendChip, just set up your FriendChip profile by providing information about yourself or your business. You can also add your e-commerce or social media engagements. Likewise, you can create a message that shows up on people’s smartphones. Your profile provides all your social media links and adds images and videos. Visitors can either leave a comment on your pinboard or send you a direct message. The FriendChip Beacon is available as a sticker, keychain, and bracelet. Simply place or wear the FriendChip Beacon and send your profile to people close by.

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