Zero Degree – Aromatic Herbal Inhaler

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Aromatic Herbal Inhaler is an all-natural, award-winning portable aromatherapy on the go that provides a refreshing & cooling sensation to revitalize the body. It will provide the perfect boost for you to perform your daily tasks. Inspired by traditional herbal remedies, ‘Zero Degree’ contains a unique blend of pure herbal extracts. It was formulated to achieve a comprehensive therapeutic aroma with benefits to relieve stress, refresh the mind, soothe and calm the body, delay your next Nicotine intake and lets you breathe easier that way. A design that can be considered pocket-friendly and convenient for everyday use on the go. With just a simple twist, air can enter via the openings located at the back of the inhaler and flow pass through the herbal content. Users can simply enjoy the aroma by just taking in a few deep breaths through the front opening to achieve an immediate effect.

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