Zoe Personal Diffuser Meditation Light

$69 USD
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Enjoy total relaxation with the Zoe Personal Diffuser Meditation Light. Offering a stunning ambient glow, this device disperses wonderful aroma to bring tranquility to your space. With a touch of a button on the remote, you can instantly customize your settings based on your mood. The Zoe Light offers a blend of customizable aromatherapy, light, and humidity for the perfect environment. While the adjustments to your space are subtle, the benefits are tangible. This light helps to disinfect your home and allows you to de-stress as well as combat a cold. The Zoe Light will even bring you better sleep at night. Finally, the aromatherapy system features a 500ml water tank and it comes with three bottles of French essential oil. Relax your way to a healthier home with the Zoe Diffuser and Meditation Light.

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