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A Cleveland based biotech startup has invented a new medical device for dogs that fights oral bacteria using micro-current technology. Oral bacteria is associated with both gum disease and bad breath. 80% of our canine friends by the age of three have gum disease. And what dog doesn’t have bad breath? The recommended treatments are brushing and teeth cleaning by a vet, but unfortunately, dog parents don’t do either regularly. The device, called Zumby, is disguised as a chew toy. All your dog needs to do is play with Zumby several times a week for 10 – 20 minutes. Zumby can be thrown, chewed, retrieved or tugged. The electrical stimulation is activated when the device comes into contact with your dog’s saliva. Zumby uses a very small, safe and undetectable amount of electrical stimulation to reduce harmful bacteria. In lab testing at Case Western Reserve University, the technology behind Zumby eliminated 70-99% of oral bacteria tested.

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