10 Online Marketing Tools for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Marketing your crowdfunding campaign without a team can be tedious. But with these online marketing tools, you can work towards creating an audience even before you launch your campaign.

10 Online Marketing Tools for Your Crowdfunding Campaign
Online Marketing Tools for Crowdfunding

When it comes to promoting a crowdfunding campaign, you can never do it well without the help of online marketing tools. From sustaining your social media schedule to making sure your words are SEO-friendly, there are tools to serve every purpose of online marketing. All you have to do is decide your requirements and add to your list of tools accordingly. The requirement might be different for every crowdfunding campaign. For example, one might want to focus more on Pinterest because they have a visually pleasing product while some other campaign might work better on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Either way, online marketing has a lot to do with planning and analysis. Every step you take in promoting your campaign should have a calculative approach.

Before we get into the details of these online marketing tools, let’s discuss the various types of online marketing you can use as well as the steps you need to consider in order to make your project go viral.

10 online marketing tools crowdfunding

Online marketing tools for crowdfunding campaigns

Basic steps of online marketing

If you are already into digital marketing, you’ll know that there are some specific forms of marketing that you need to consider for maximum reach. Here are some of these steps crucial for crowdfunding campaigns:

Google Ads

Firstly, you need to consider keeping a part of your marketing budget for Google Ads. This will help you make use of the essential keywords related to your campaign even before you launch and rank your campaign higher in search results in the long run. The best way to do this would be to use the Ads Manager before you launch. Start playing with the relevant SEO keywords for your campaign with some basic ads. If you are unaware of this process, you could also do some relevant courses from Udemy or hire an SEO professional to help you get going. Either way, this will help you get a surge in traffic in the initial days so your campaign gets the desired boost as soon as you launch.

Social media ads

To make the most of your campaign promotion, you’ve got to work on social media ads. These include Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram based on your product requirements and needs. The best approach would be to start doing Facebook Ads for email sign-ups during your pre-launch phase and then utilizing those sign-ups for communication via newsletters. Once your campaign launches, you can then use ads for the campaign page. This will not only help you keep up with the traffic but also serve as a great channel for pre-launch customer acquisition.

Email newsletters

Finally, we come to email newsletters. These will help you communicate easily as well as effectively with your potential backers. The pre-launch ads you do will give you potential sign-ups from those who are interested in your campaign and would love to learn more about it. Once the pre-launch phase is almost over and you have enough subscribers, you then need to start your email newsletter service. There are numerous tools to help you with the process of setting it all up and once you are ready, you should start sending newsletters with updates. These newsletters don’t need to be lengthy or too descriptive. They need to highlight the urgency of the campaign, status updates, discounts and deals, and so on. The primary purpose should be to enhance credibility and generate engagement just before your launch day.

Online marketing strategies to consider

Now, to ensure you’re following the steps with maximum efficiency, you can make use of these online marketing strategies.

  • Have a landing page for your campaign with a sign-up link. This should be the website you use for all your pre-launch ads.
  • Design a tentative logo for your brand and have a few mockup images of your campaign for promotion.
  • Creating a blog for your product type can be useful to enhance credibility for your campaign even before you launch. In fact, you can also use the blog to send regular updates about your campaign.
  • Whatever content you write or promote should be SEO-friendly. To make sure it is, you first need to identify a primary keyword and a few secondary keywords for your campaign type. Then, you need to write content with those keywords to help your page rank higher on Google even before the launch date.
  • Regular updates on social media is a must. You have to decide the consistency based on your availability and then never miss a deadline. So, for example, if you choose to post on Instagram only once every two days and do three tweets on Twitter every day, then so be it. But sticking to that consistency is a must.
  • Check analytics for traffic type and decide on your content accordingly. Analytics is king in content marketing and without looking into it, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t for your campaign.

Now, to make sure you are able to execute those strategies with perfection, you do need the help of online marketing tools. There are loads of them on the web today. We’ve rounded up all our favorites to show you how you can put them to use.

Best online marketing tools for your crowdfunding campaign

Before we dive into our favorite tools, let us introduce you to two Gadget Flow services you can use for optimizing your crowdfunding campaign. The first is Crowdinsight, which features our own community of real users interested in crowdfunding. With Crowdinsight, you get valuable feedback for your campaign so you can update and improve it accordingly. And, if you’re looking for a descriptive video about the functionality of your product, we’d suggest Unboxing. This video segment delivers an unbiased review to resolve all skepticism about your product. If you are looking for a complete marketing package, our marketing plans can also be of help.


If you are looking to plan a consistent social media calendar, Buffer is the tool you need. With it, you can maintain a schedule for most of the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. As a result, you can post consistently without worrying about timezones and effective audience analysis. Over the years, Buffer has grown as a product and now offers two other additions: Reply and Analyze. Together with these add-ons, you can look achieve a complete social media setup.


One of the crucial aspects of any crowdfunding campaign is competitor analysis. With Ahrefs, you get the opportunity to learn about your competitor’s behavior and work accordingly with your project. From backlink research to keyword research, this set of tools will help you define your campaign analysis on Google right from the beginning. Their Top Pages report gives you an idea of which pages give backlinks to your competitors so that you can also work on it.

Survey Anyplace

While prepping your campaign in those first few days, you might require a lot of feedback. In fact, the pre-launch subscribers that you win through online ads can be a great resource for essential feedback. With Survey Anyplace, you can easily create interactive surveys for your potential audience to get the feedback you desire. Creating custom surveys can often be time-consuming and stressful but with Survey Anyplace, you can get the job done in much less time and with greater efficiency.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Maintaining a blog relevant to your campaign is always a good move. But it might be difficult to nail down the best topics. The Blog Topic Generator will come up with interesting ideas you can write about. You can add up to five nouns to get the most appropriate blog topics for your website. The best aspect of this generator is that it works super fast and is quite efficient as a free tool for beginners. You don’t need to go for expensive tools to give you the first topics, which is a big plus for low-budget campaigns.

Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer

Whether it’s for a blog post or a simple social media campaign, headlines play an important role in online marketing. This analyzer gives you the opportunity to work on your headlines and make them stand out. And most importantly, their analysis is very detailed which will help you work on the current title as well as improve on your future titles as well. Additionally, you can also use the Email Subject Line Tester to nail those newsletters as and when you send them out.


Your social media posts and blog reviews will fall flat without catchy images and graphics. That’s where Canva comes into play with an easy-to-use design tool. In fact, Canva gives you specific image types based on the various social media platforms and also your other online marketing requirements. From designing Facebook Ads to blog images to GIFs, you can do it all with the new Canva editor. The drag-and-drop system is super easy to use and can help you be more creative with your graphics even if you aren’t an expert.†

Google Ads

Working on a pay-per-click model, Google Ads is the best way you can advertise on Google’s search engine results’ pages. The tool features Google Keyword Planner, allowing you to research which keywords should be used in your content as well as your ads. It is, in fact, a faster way to appear on top of Google Search results as compared to the organic method. Yes, you should focus on organic SEO boost but make use of those initial days before launch by utilizing Google Ads and ranking faster with your campaign under the relevant keyword.

Google Analytics

You can never do much with your campaign without proper analytics exposure. Once you launch your website and blog, you have to make sure you connect with the Google Analytics account for a detailed analysis of your traffic. This will help you track your traffic with maximum expertise and also get relevant data to look into in the near future. Additionally, you can also use it to set up goals to track conversions, build an enhanced e-commerce setup, and track events to learn more about user engagement.


Known for its email marketing tool, Mailchimp has now expanded to an all-in-one marketing platform. You can use this tool for setting up your email newsletter campaigns plus use their social media and landing page features to set up your website with ease. The idea is to simplify the entire first phase of setting up a website and promotional workflow. You can use the platform based on your requirements and use the desired tools at its best.


Finally, we want to refer BuzzSumo as the final tool of this list. Being a part of an influencer marketing generation, it’s essential to take advantage of that part of the industry. BuzzSumo helps by defining the best influencers for your campaign and helping you connect with them to make use of the opportunity. The tool also includes Facebook content analysis and loads of other features for content discovery you can tap into.

10 online marketing tools crowdfunding

How to use online marketing tools

With that said, it’s important to consider a proper way of selecting the most relevant online marketing tools for your crowdfunding campaign. So, how should you select from these and should you use them? Here are some of our best tips to consider:

  • Define your needs. You should always select your tool based on the stage of your campaign. If it’s the pre-launch, you should start with tools that help you create an audience such as BuzzSumo. For campaigns that are already live, your primary focus should be instant ads with Google Ad.
  • Avoid repeats as much as possible. Many of the tools these days offer multiple functions in one. You need to go through each one of them and make sure you’re not purchasing repeats of any kind. For example, Buffer lets you schedule content for social media but CoSchedule also offers the same feature along with other options. Select features accordingly to avoid paying extra for services you don’t need.
  • Go through the basics of every tool before you start using it. Check their help center of the FAQ section for a complete analysis of how to use the tool. This will help you make the most of the tool and use it at its best.

We want to hear from you: Do you have more online marketing tools in your mind that can help crowdfunding campaigns? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below.

Madhurima Nag is the Head of Content at Gadget Flow. She side-hustles as a parenting and STEM influencer and loves to voice her opinion on product marketing, innovation and gadgets (of course!) in general.
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