Tips and tricks to help you write a powerful crowdfunding campaign

The first impression of a crowdfunding campaign lies in its copy. Whether you write a compelling title or a narrative description, the key to making it powerful lies in balancing all the elements together.

Tips and tricks to help you write a powerful crowdfunding campaign
A great copy has a balance of all the editorial elements
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When you plan a crowdfunding campaign, it needs to be a compact presentation of a great video, good quality lifestyle images, and powerful copy. Videos and images go a long way but, without empowering words and descriptions, you may miss the opportunity to inform your potential backers. Be it Kickstarter or Indiegogo or any other contemporary crowdfunding platform, copy is always important and must be taken care of. But when it comes to writing a great crowdfunding campaign, it’s the culmination of a lot of smaller components. No matter how much you try to prioritize the elements of your crowdfunding copy, it’s always down to be a balance of all the editorial elements, including engaging word choice and stellar grammar.

Let’s discuss all the possible editorial elements that can help you write a powerful crowdfunding campaign.

It’s all in the title

No matter how efficient your entire write-up looks, if the title isn’t catchy enough, it won’t draw attention. The title and the featured image are the very first things every viewer comes across whenever they land on your crowdfunding page. In order to draw their attention immediately, you need to use the title to explain your product’s main purpose and what sets it apart from the competition. Ideally, you should keep it short and simple – about six to seven words maximum.

Example: Woojer Edge is doing extremely well on Kickstarter this month and their title is clearly a great example of how you can easily draw attention with minimal words. 

Don’t forget the subtitle

After the title, the next thing that you need to utilize is the subtitle. This section needs to be a bit longer and descriptive enough to explain your product to the fullest. This isn’t the place to get into fine details about each feature; just stick to the key elements in fifteen to twenty words. The more explanatory it becomes, the more difficult it is for people to understand the drive behind the project.

Example: Sonny explains the purpose as well as the solution of their product with a simple two-liner sub-title. 

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Having a narrative approach to your crowdfunding campaign is crucial

The narrative approach is king

Every crowdfunding campaign has a story behind it. That’s what needs to come out through in your crowdfunding copy. Yes, it’s necessary to explain the technical features of your product and how it works but firstly, you need to have a writing approach that explains the problem as a story while your product as a solution. With this layout, potential backers can relate to their own pain points, making them more likely to back your project.

Example: The DELTA battery-powered generator is a great example of how to build your writeup with the problems your product will solve.

Use bullets wherever necessary

Great crowdfunding copy can never be a huge list of paragraphs; this will simply bore the viewers. Instead, it needs to have a good balance of editorial elements such as bullets and infographics to make easy as well as enjoyable to read. Bullets can help break down the key elements of your product in a more compact way. So, use it wherever you feel you could decrease the number of words and make the content more compact.

Example: Coosno’s campaign uses bullets at the beginning of their crowdfunding copy and then explains each point in detail further down.

Make content visually appealing

Like I explained in the previous point, visually appealing content can enhance your writeup so it’s easier to read. So, apart from bullets, you should also use infographics to make the content more presentable. Apps like Canva can help you design your infographics and then present it in between your campaign paragraphs. You could use them to explain product features or key problem areas or even pledge reward charts. Or, you can use it for all three with sleek, on-brand colors.

Example: POWERUP 4.0 has loads of infographics throughout its copy that explains the product in detail and makes it easy to read. 

What makes a great crowdfunding copy - tips and tricks to help you write a powerful crowdfunding campaign 02

Your crowdfunding copy should be visually appealing

Keep it simple and get rid of jargon

Finally, your campaign needs to be written in the simplest way possible. Using complicated words or jargon can alienate potential backers as they may not fully understand the product. The more you can break down the concepts into easy-to-understand sentences, the better your chances for turning browsers into backers. In fact, best practices for modern online grammar focuses on simple words and shorter sentences for better SEO readability. So, it’s not just for easy reading but also for making your campaign rank higher in Google.

Example: The easy-to-read description of Hexbot makes the high-tech crowdfunding copy super comprehensible and user-friendly.

Do you think we missed any editorial element in this blog? Share with us in the comments below.

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