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Marketing Tips

Read our latest growth hacking tips and tactics on how to draw more customers to your website or project page.

Marketing Tips

Best Cheatsheet To Refer Before Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign

As soon as you decide to head for a crowdfunding campaign, what’s the first thing that goes through your mind? How to streamline this complicated process and make your crowdfunding campaign worth it. We have been discussing several factors all this... Continue Reading

Marketing Tips

Quick Look on the Top 18 Resources For Crowdfunding Projects

We have been discussing on various tips and tricks on crowdfunding projects for quite some time now. From writing product descriptions to choosing the right social media channels for marketing, there are a lot of factors driving towards the success... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

How to Use Email Marketing in Crowdfunding

Although we’ve spoken about the effectiveness of social media in crowdfunding, we shouldn’t forget the traditional methods of digital marketing, such as emails. According to Regalix, 95% of companies using marketing automation are taking advantage of email marketing. In fact, if... Continue Reading

Marketing Tips

Where to Find Influential Backers for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Kickstarter statistics say that the total backers for the platform have been 10,990,334 till date. Same goes for Indiegogo and most of the other crowdfunding platforms. What is challenging is to grab their attention towards your campaign. You need to be unique... Continue Reading

Marketing Tips

10 Essential Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Project Successful

Thousands of crowdfunding projects go live every year. Yet, only a handful of them become big names like the Oculus Rift and BAUBAX Travel Jacket. These guys must have done something out of the box to reach the peak of success.... Continue Reading

Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing: The Secret Weapon for Crowdfunding

This is a guest post from Amy, Client Success Specialist at Using social media to promote your campaign is a smart move to advertise, gain more backers and support and create hype. A lot of campaign owners see great success in... Continue Reading

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