8 Must-use Indiegogo marketing tips for InDemand crowdfunding campaigns

Entering the InDemand phase on Indiegogo might be a step forward in crowdfunding but unless you do it right, it can go all wrong. Here are some of the most important Indiegogo marketing tips you need to considering while running an InDemand campaign.

8 Must-use Indiegogo marketing tips for InDemand crowdfunding campaigns
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Crowdfunding campaign process doesn’t end when the campaign ends. In fact, based on the campaigns we’ve worked with so far, the biggest struggle is keeping up with your backers after your campaign is successful. While there are many campaigns that work for a limited edition product batch, there are others who want to turn this campaign into a mainstream business and keep taking orders even after their campaign is over. The Indiegogo InDemand feature is really useful for such campaigns. Not only can you continue taking orders, but you can also have your project highlighted on Indiegogo for an extended time frame.

However, the marketing process for InDemand crowdfunding campaigns is definitely different. This process is more about retaining your credibility. Here are some of the most important Indiegogo marketing tips you need to consider if you are about to enter the InDemand phase on Indiegogo.

Redirect your old campaign

Make sure to redirect your completed campaign page to the Indiegogo InDemand campaign link. This can be your Kickstarter link or any other similar platform. This will enable you to convert your existing audience who may not have backed your campaign earlier but may still be interested in pre-ordering.

Promote InDemand perks on social media

Once you set up your InDemand campaign page, make sure to do some posts on social media to generate some interest. You need to spread the word and let people know that you’re continuing to take more pre-orders. The benefits of an InDemand page go beyond getting more pre-orders. It also informs your audience that your crowdfunding campaign has been successful. This boosts your credibility and also help convert those leads who didn’t back you earlier.

Respond to queries

During the InDemand phase, you need to respond to all comments from your backers with minimum turnaround time. These queries may be regarding your campaign progress or specific features and you need to be confident and punctual enough to answer them all on time.

Be strict with your estimated delivery dates

When you get into the InDemand phase, you need to be certain about the delivery dates. Keep in mind that you already have one batch of products to ship to your existing backers. So, be fully confident on the dates you write under delivery and stick to that timeframe without any delay. The more you delay delivery, the higher your chances to lose credibility.

Provide regular updates on your page about the manufacturing progress

There’s an update section on the Indiegogo campaign page which becomes super important for use, especially for InDemand campaigns. Use this segment to keep updating your backers about the progress of your campaign and whether or not you’ve started shipping the first batch. This will help you keep everyone on the same page and you’ll get fewer queries and comments from backers.

InDemand crowdfunding campaign marketing tips

InDemand crowdfunding campaign marketing tips

Have a link to your website and social profiles

Although your campaign page highlights all the necessary details, it’s always good to have a separate website or landing page of your own. This will help you communicate with your backers immediately after your InDemand campaign is over. Additionally, also make sure to highlight the social profiles on your campaign page. While also building credibility, it also gives people another way to get in touch with you.

Use relevant marketing services for maximum exposure

Services like Gadget Flow will help you promote your campaign even after its over. That way, you can get exposure from a larger audience. Then, even after you enter the InDemand phase, you can continue to use Gadget Flow to boost your exposure and keep promoting your project.

Create a personal thank-you video for your first batch of backers

Finally, it’s crucial to continue to make your backers feel special and a great way is to create a special thank-you video for your initial campaign backers. This will also make your new backers feel more connected to your campaign, thereby enhancing your credibility.

Have you used the InDemand phase for crowdfunding yet? What other tips do you have for others? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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