6 Products to Make Your Halloween Party a Scream

6 Products to Make Your Halloween Party a Scream

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. There’s loads of fun, excitement, and tons of surprises to get your heart racing. In addition to all the tasty candy, you get to take on a whole new persona and dress like someone (or something) else. If you haven’t figured out how to make Halloween 2016 the best ever, don’t worry. Just take a look at these 6 Products to Make Your Halloween Party a Scream.

Blood Bath Shower Curtain by Spinning Hat

Be sure to keep your guests on their toes even when they visit the bathroom with the Blood Bath Shower Curtain by Spinning Hat. Looking like an ongoing murder scene, you may find they’d rather hold it.

Pumpkin Tap Kit by KegWorks

Get the flavors flowing in festive fashion with the Pumpkin Tap Kit by KegWorks. Inserted directly into a hallowed-out pumpkin of your choice, your guests may be scared but never be thirsty.

Furry Adventure Slippers from ThinkGeek

Whether you’re the party host or a party-goer, you’ll be moving around a lot. Give your feet a break without breaking character with these Furry Adventure Slippers from ThinkGeek.

Halloween Dog Costume

Get man’s best friend in on the action with this delightful Halloween Dog Costume. Available as Batman, your pooch will get to live as his favorite superhero for the night.

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Zombie Head Decanter

Carry your scary theme all the way to the drinks with the Zombie Head Decanter. It looks just like a real head and can be filled with a sinister looking drink such as red wine for added effect.

Ballerina Duvet Set by Snurk

Even after Halloween is over, you can still take on a whole new persona every night. With the Ballerina Duvet Set by Snurk, your childhood dreams can live on forever.

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