Ambi Climate 2 Is the Most Intelligent AC Controller Yet

Ambi Climate 2 Is the Most Intelligent AC Controller Yet

There are few home appliances that demand as much attention as your air conditioner. With the Ambi Climate 2 intelligent AC controller, you won’t ever return home to a freezing/roasting apartment. This clever device monitors various metrics to keep your home perfectly comfortable throughout the day.

– Controller senses temperature, humidity, weather, sunlight, and more

– AI makes smart decisions, with manual control via the companion app

– Ambi Climate 2 can reduce your energy bill by 30%

Intelligent AC controller

The primary role of your air conditioning is to keep things cool. But comfort is about more than just temperature. The temperature can quickly drop once the sun goes in, and humidity also plays a significant role.

That’s why the 2nd edition Ambi Climate is packed full of sensors. This intelligent AC controller monitors your home environment and sends commands to your air con via infrared. Essentially, it replaces your dumb remote control.

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Along with indoor conditions, Ambi Climate monitors the weather and sunlight. As the clouds build, it tells your AC to ease off a little. Likewise, it ramps up the cooling when the sun comes out after a humid thunderstorm.

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Because this smart system is making constant adjustments, the AC isn’t blasting away when the temperature has already fallen. As a result, you can save up to 30% on your energy bills with Ambi Climate. In addition, you don’t get that icy chill on your return home.

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That said, you still have full manual control available via your smartphone. The companion app lets you define the comfort range and see your energy usage. Meanwhile, the Ambi Climate hub works with most air conditioners, and will soon integrate with Alexa.

intelligent AC controller review

“Unique A.I. technology detects and analyzes multiple factors, learns your comfort and adjusts your air conditioner for peace of mind.” – Ambi Climate 2 on Kickstarter

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What we ❤️

Finally, air conditioning that just works. In addition, this controller is compatible with all the top brands.

Future designs

If you could control your central heating from the same device…well that would be happiness for life!


– Kickstarter: Until June 22nd

– Pledge: HK $722 (Approx. US $89.11)

– Delivery: June 2017

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