ARbelts Interchangeable Belts Give You Fashion Freedom

ARbelts Interchangeable Belts Give You Fashion Freedom

I don’t know about you, but belts to me have always been a matter of function over form. Despite the variety found in shops, we tend to purchase the most basic belts to ensure they match our entire wardrobe. But, when the time comes and you need one, no belt in your closet seems quite right for your outfit. With ARbelts, you get exactly the look you want every time because they are:
– a cinch to use
– compact for easy transport
– compatible with the belts you already own

ARbelts are the revolutionary solution for any belt owner. Using a connector and a specialized buckle system, you can transform your look in just seconds while getting the full functionality of a belt.

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Not Your Grandpa’s Belt

The ARbelt is the last belt you’ll ever need to buy. The belt is equipped with a specially designed connector. Simply select the style belt you’d like to wear, choose your ideal buckle, and attach the two at the ARbelt connector. The ARbelt collection features four belt styles and one of those is reversible. There are also eight different buckle styles to choose from. Swapping buckles and straps takes just seconds making it the most effortless way to get the look you want whenever you want.

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Revitalizing Your Closet

In addition to the countless options in the ARbelts collection, you can also use the system to upgrade the belts you already own. Simply measure and cut your old belt to the correct length and use the included tools and instructions to attach the ARbelt adapter. With this, you’ll keep the belt you’re used to wearing while giving it a refreshing upgrade with a variety of buckle options.

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Why We Love It

The ARbelts combine two things we’re quite passionate about here at Gadget Flow: they offer a pragmatic solution to an ongoing problem while helping you save money in the long run. It’s a win-win!

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Future Fashion

With such a modular system, we’re keen to see how many other designs will come from this brand. Primarily for men, we’d love to see options for women, too!


Kickstarter campaign ends January 1st
– Pledge: $35 for the adapter and one buckle, $55 for two buckles and a strap, $250 for the full set
– Shipping: March 2017

How many belts do you have that you never wear?

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