This backup internet service helps emergency personnel find you

Remember back in the day when everyone used to have a home phone? For a lot of us, a landline is a bit of a novelty. Most people have eliminated them from their households thanks to cell phones. Because, if we all already have a phone on us at all times, why do we need another one?

This backup internet service helps emergency personnel find you
Ooma Telo 4G Internet & Phone Service in Use

But there are times when having that landline back would be pretty convenient, if not pretty important. What if your cell phone is dead and there’s an emergency? How are you going to call for help? With Ooma Telo 4G backup internet service, that’s one less thing to worry about.

What happened the last time your power was out for a significant amount of time?  You can probably remember a lot of frustrations cropping up. Sure, electricity blips, and it’s annoying because you have to reset all of your clocks. But when it really goes out, it feels like your life has come to a standstill. It sounds obvious, but you don’t realize just how much your life depends on the internet and electricity until it’s gone.

When your electric goes out, so does your internet. And unless you have it set up and you can tether to your phone to run off of your phone’s data, there’s nothing you can do. Or what if your phone isn’t charged up? What if you’re about out of data for the month, and if you tether to it, your overage fees will be outrageous?

Ooma Telo 4G is your backup internet service solution

So, your electric is out, but your phone is dead (Hey, it happens. We all forget). There’s severe weather outside, but you can’t turn on the TV to check the weather or local meteorologist. Your phone is out of commission, so you can’t check the weather there. Your laptop has some juice left, but what good is your laptop without the internet.

If you’ve got Ooma, you’re good to go. Ooma 4G LTE offers email checking and light internet browsing capabilities. You’ll be able to get online and check out the weather to see what’s coming your way so you can stay safe.

And if something happens during the storm and you need to make an emergency call, you’ll have a home phone to do it on. As someone who lives in Tornado Alley, I can assure you of just how important it is to have the resources to make emergency phone calls to check on family and friends and to see what the weather is doing.

Emergency personnel will be able to find you

Many people believe that because we have cell phones, emergency personnel and dispatchers can always find us. After all, our phones have GPS on them and are always tracking us, right? And if you turn on any crime show on primetime TV, it’s likely to perpetuate that myth.

Ooma Telo 4G Internet & Phone Service

Ooma Telo 4G Internet & Phone Service Hardware

In reality, our cell phones can actually hinder emergency personnel from reaching us. That’s why the first thing they do is ask you for your location. What happens is that our cell phone signals bounce between towers, so they don’t always give an accurate location. When you dial 911, your call goes to the dispatch center of the last tower you got your signal from. Which might be in a neighboring county, depending on where you live.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this can cause problems. Especially if you’re in a position where you’re not easily able to communicate with dispatchers because emotions are running high or you’re incapacitated. When you have Ooma, you can have peace of mind that your 911 calls will always give your accurate location.

And I know, you’re probably thinking, “How often do I call 911?” Hopefully, the answer is not often. But if you have an ill family member or a horrible car accident occurs in front of your house like it did for me, you want that 911 call to be as quick and accurate as possible.

The Ooma home phone service will transmit your exact address when you call 911, so there won’t be any confusion.

You’ll have affordable coverage via Sprint

Sprint is a huge network that covers most places. And so that you can make sure before you invest, Ooma has a map on their website so you can check your location to make sure you’re covered.

Ooma Telo 4G Internet & Phone Service

Ooma Telo 4G Internet & Phone Service Hardware

After you purchase your hardware, all that’s left is a low, monthly fee of $11.99 plus your area taxes and fees. And again, they have a place on their website at the bottom where you can find out exactly what those would be, so they aren’t any surprises.

What comes with your Ooma backup internet service

When you purchase your Ooma Telo 4G LTE home phone service, you’ll receive the Ooma 4G LTE Adaptor and the Ooma Telo Battery Backup. You’ll have ten hours of charge to keep you connected, your phone working, and all your home smart devices connected.

What we ❤️ about this product

We love that this is an affordable way to ensure safety. I know people who have lots of electricity issues when it gets windy, and this would be a great way to ensure they stay connected and able to dial out for help if their cell phones are dead.

What we would ❤️ to see

We’d love to see a battery pack that lasts a bit longer than ten hours. Sometimes that’s enough to get your power back on, but sometimes it can take up to twenty-four hours where I am. Not being able to use smart devices wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but at least having a reliable phone would be important.

Where you can get your Ooma Telo 4G LTE Internet and Home Phone Service

You can head on over to Ooma’s website to get your equipment for a one-time charge of just $129.99. That’s less than what most of our monthly cell phone bills are. After that, it’s the $11.99 plus taxes and fees per month for 1GB, and additional overage GBs are just $8.99 per GB. So you won’t have to worry about outrageous bills if you go over your data one month.

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