Bang and Olufsen’s BeoSound 35 Packs Transcending Audio Quality in a Modern Speaker Bar

Bang and Olufsen’s BeoSound 35 Packs Transcending Audio Quality in a Modern Speaker Bar

The audio electronics market is filled with mediocre, low quality speakers. If you’re on the hunt for a pair that pushes the boundaries of design and sound technology, try the BeoSound 35. Created by Bang and Olufsen, the device delivers an over the top experience that you can’t get from a pair of waterproof, plastic speakers.

BeoSound 35 display

speakers in room

Robust Audio Quality

Made out of aluminum, the speakers can consolidate a huge entertainment set into a slim, cylinder-like unit. It’s not boxy so you won’t be able to put anything on top of it, but you do have the option to mount the piece on the wall or use a table stand. In the middle of the device, you’ll find a clean panel display that allows you to monitor playback in real-time.

“BeoSound 35 is designed to fill the entire room with a well-balanced sound, whether placed on a table or a wall. The pentagonal circumference allows you to cleverly tilt the music system for convenient access, so wherever you place it, you will easily be able to directly touch and control it,” said the company.

BeoSound 35 side view

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Perfect for Large Spaces

The problem with most speakers today is playability in large rooms. The BeoSound 35 does not have this issue, due to its long foundation. It can fill an entire living room or compact conference hall without compromising quality. There are also several streaming formats that you can choose from, depending on your personal preference. The speaker is compatible with Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth for wireless devices and DLNA-enabled electronics.

When it comes to controls, users also have a handful of different options. The BeoMusic app is available for managing playlists via smartphones and tablets. While a separate remote specifically designed for the device handles basic playback and pause features. As for purchasing the BeoSound 35, the price will set you back $2,785 (the investment is worth it).

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