Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler charges your devices and doesn’t require ice

If you love traveling or taking short breaks, the Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler promises to keep food and drinks cool for up to five days—and even up to 14 days with an additional battery and the ice. But this cooler can operate without the need for ice, helping minimize costs, reduce maintenance, and maximize space. Explore more incredible features of this traveler's must-have gadget.

Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler charges your devices and doesn’t require ice
Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler in use

If you enjoy picnics in warmer weather or taking road trips with the family, you’ve likely explored the idea of a cooler to keep food and drinks fresh. The drawback with many coolers is their non-efficient, bulky design, or requirement for ice to keep snacks at an optimal temperature. Plus, many units don’t surpass several hours of keeping food cool.

The Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler is designed for travel fiends looking for a hassle-free solution to storing ice cream, beers, and other snacks for up to 14 days. Unlike conventional coolers, it doesn’t require ice, so you won’t experience soggy sandwiches, and it can even keep food frozen. Even more impressively, Furrion incorporated a power station, so you can charge multiple devices without having to compromise on sharing one power bank amongst all guests for the entire vacation.

Doesn’t require ice for cooling

Say goodbye to lukewarm beers with the Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler. By evading the need for ice, you’ll save money and time, reduce the cooler’s weight, and maximize the interior space so you can fill it with whatever takes your fancy. It eliminates the need for ice by using an innovative foam insulation technology—made of polyurethane and cyclopentane—to provide the best possible cooling retention. So even if it’s a hot day, it’ll keep your food fresh. This works in tandem with the ePod battery, which ensures that the temperature remains ice cold for longer. And to make sure this is the case, the unit uses a cooling algorithm to actively check the temperature on the inside and outside of the cooler every minute and makes adjustments accordingly.

Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler

Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler outdoors with a man

Keeps items cool for up to five days

If you’re a traveler planning on leaving for a few days, eRove guarantees to keep food and beverages cool for up to five days at temperatures as low as -8° F. You can also customize the desired temperature up to 50°F with the touch of a button. In fact, the digital temperature display allows you to see all the data at a glance.

If you decide to extend your vacation, simply swap in a fresh ePod battery for a further five days of cooling. This cooler also keeps ice frozen for up to 10 days—without a battery. In fact, you can combine eRove’s generous battery power with ice to keep your food fresh for up to 14 days on a single charge. There’s even the option of solar charging for an eco-friendly alternative.

Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler

Taking a beer from the Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler

Charges your devices up to 30 times

Furrion understands that you also want to take your phone and other devices with you during your travels. This is why they went one step beyond and added USB ports to charge your devices on the go. It’s equipped with two USB 2.0 ports, one fast-charge port, and a 10W wireless charging pad. This means you can charge up to four devices simultaneously. And if that’s still not enough, add the ePod to the bank to charge up to an additional six devices. Overall, eRove can typically charge a phone 30 times, a camera 20 minutes, and a tablet 10 times—that’s enough power for weeks of usage.

Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler

Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler charging devices

Holds everything you need

Capacity is an important factor when considering a cooler. Fortunately, the Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler is suitable for family use. It has a 50-quart internal capacity in the main compartment and can store up to 72 cans. There’s also six quarts of dry storage space to separate snacks. It even comes with a handy interior light, so you can grab what you need when it’s dark.

Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler

Storing drinks in the Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler

Offers easy charging and a smart mode

The Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler comes equipped with smart mode capability. This ensures it uses just the right amount of power, making your charge last longer. You can also use the 100-watt Furrion Solar Panel to charge the ePod battery for an eco-friendly alternative. A three-to-four-hour daily charge is typically enough to maintain a full charge. But if you only want to take a minimal amount with you, you can power the Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler at home, and it’ll offer one day of superior cooling. You can then top up the chill from the car with the included DC adapter.

Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler

Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler using a solar panel to charge

Goes anywhere with you

With this impressive cooler, you’ll want to take it everywhere with you. Fortunately, the detachable rubber wheel kit allows you to take it to the beach without having to lug it in your arms. In fact, its rubber wheels have a high vibration resistance, so you can easily navigate through terrain. What’s more, the included bottle opener and stowaway serving tray are a nice touch for having everything you need at hand. Plus, the cup holders invite you to park it up and enjoy a beverage wherever you may end up.

Pre-order the Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler as a gift for avid vacationers on Indiegogo for $999. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments, too.

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