8 Eco-friendly gadgets Grace and Frankie would love

Chances are, you've heard of Grace and Frankie. Because Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are amazing. And if you've never heard of the popular show on Netflix, what are you waiting for? If you took Frankie and Jane Fonda and combined them into one person, you'd have just about the most eco-friendly person you could conjure up. And in honor of that, we're going to share some of our latest favorite eco-friendly gadgets.

8 Eco-friendly gadgets Grace and Frankie would love
Natede Smart Natural Air Purifier in White

Jane Fonda is making the news. A lot. And not for her role as Grace Hansen. Recently, Jane has a penchant for getting arrested for protesting in Washington. And we kinda love it. The actress is passionate about climate change, and for good reason. The Australian wildfires are dumping tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which will fuel climate change even faster. That, on top of harmful HFC-23 spikes, means we need to be as mindful as we can in our daily lives, and use more eco-friendly gadgets.

From big to small, there are ways we can incorporate more earth-friendly items. It’s important that we don’t rely on everyone else around us to make changes. And every little bit helps. After all, if Jane Fonda is willing to get arrested five times for it, alongside Ted Danson, we can compost, right?

Teracube Long-Warranty Smartphone reduces waste

Designed to last longer than other phones, the Teracube Long-Warranty Smartphone supports the environment. Rather than tossing out or swapping for a new phone every couple of years, use this more environmentally friendly phone. This Android smartphone is more eco-friendly than other phones because it has a four-year warranty. It’s a long-lasting phone in its own right, but the company doesn’t want you to toss your phone in the trash sooner than necessary. This eco-friendly smartphone runs on Android 9 Pie, though an Android 10 update will come soon.

REBO Plastic-Saving Smart Bottle helps save plastic—and cleans it up

Plastic waste in the oceans is a huge concern, and with the REBO Plastic-Saving Smart Bottle, you can help eliminate some of that waste. Every REBO bottle of water funds the collection of one plastic bottle, thanks to a partnership with the Plastic Bank. By using this bottle, you can eliminate around 1,000 plastic bottles from your personal consumption every year. And you’ll also fund the collection of just as many plastic bottles from places like the Philippines, Haiti, and Indonesia.

Subpod In-Garden Compost System makes it easy to compost

We all know composting is the right thing to do to help our planet, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. But it can be when you have the Subpod In-Garden Compost System. It takes all your food waste and turns it into something useful, all while creating zero smell or mess. It achieves this through the use of worms and microbes. Once it’s in place in your yard, you simply add food waste and give it a mix. And, there will be no smells, pests, or mess. The results speak for themselves. Not only do you get nutrient-dense compost—though that’s a huge bonus—the emissions saved by your family’s use of Subpod for just a year actually equate to a car being off the road for six months.

Sepura Home Food Waste Device replaces your garbage disposal

Composting can seem like a chore, but the Sepura Home Food Waste Device aims to remove that barrier. This kitchen accessory fits right under your sink and connects to your existing piping to separate food waste from liquid. Additionally, it even has attachments that will allow you to collect food waste from the dishwasher as well. This earth-friendly device removes the hassles of composting. Likewise, it’s a safe alternative to your garbage disposal. If you’ve been wanting to compost, this is the perfect device to get you started.

Natede Smart Natural Air Purifier

Combining natural, technology, and design, it analyzes air quality and removes air pollution the smart way. Natede amplifies the natural phytoremediation power of plants and eliminates 93% of VOCs, 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine-particulate and odors. It also features the most advanced sensors for temperature, humidity, pollutants (VOCs), fine particulates (PM2.5), and carbon monoxide (CO). Natede is equipped with a photocatalytic washable filter that doesn’t need to be replaced, avoiding waste and extra money spent.

Earth Grill Compact Open-Flame Cooking Device is eco-friendly

Spending time connecting with nature is amazing. But it’s important to leave things as we found them. The Earth Grill Compact Open-Flame Cooking Device allows you to do just that. With its innovative design, you have easy open-flame cooking. And you’re able to cook above and below, for even more cooking options. It’s easy to cook with, and even easier to carry. And most importantly, it was designed to be eco-friendly and leave nothing behind when you’re done.

GIR Ultimate Silicone Reusable Straws save on plastic waste

How is it that the GIR Ultimate Silicone Reusable Straws are better than the rest? Paper straws get soggy in seconds, and metal straws can chip your teeth. Plastic straws are being banned around the world, and glass straws can break. Lucky for you, GIR Straws are safe and never get soggy. Plus, these eco-friendly gadgets feature a platinum-grade silicone that’s BPA and BPS-free. They’re even dishwasher safe. Thanks to the premium material, GIR Straws remain odor and taste-free and work with both hot and cold drinks. These straws are available in five sizes, including Kids, Cocktail, Standard, Traveler, and Smoothie & Boba. Whatever your drink of choice, there’s a GIR Straw for you.

Stator Self-Balancing Electric Vehicle saves on gas around town

Effortlessly travel short distances with the Stator Self Balancing Electric Vehicle. Featuring a self-balancing design, this eco-friendly scooter is incredibly easy to operate. Suitable for all skill levels, Stator simply requires you to step on and start riding. The Stator can reach up to 25 mph and has a range of 20 miles. Furthermore, the front wheel hydraulic disc brake and rear wheel regenerative braking help you reach a safe stop. You can ride the Stator in its stripped-down form or customize it by adding components such as a seat or headlight. Finally, the quick-folding handlebar makes it easy to transport and store.

Steady State Upcycled Plant Food and Sustainable Grow Kits let you grow inside

Looking to grow happy and healthy plants at home? Look no further than the Steady State Upcycled Plant Food and Sustainable Grow Kits. Featuring a kit for herbs and a kit for vegetables, each one has everything you need to keep your plants thriving. But, there’s a truly eco-friendly approach that other kits don’t have: upcycled phosphorous. These kits actually use phosphorous that has been recovered in its pure form before it can pollute our waters. This essential nutrient for plants is then part of a closed-loop, meaning it’s totally sustainable.

Hopefully, this has you thinking about ways you can incorporate more eco-friendly gadgets into your routine. It’s important for the planet that we all think about ways we can improve, use less, and waste less. Composting is one of the things that I’ve been thinking about incorporating this coming spring, and a Subpod will be a great addition to my backyard. What environmentally-friendly things are you looking to incorporate? Are there things you already do? Let us know in the comments.

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