Bendy USB Charging Cable is a Welcome New Innovation for Any Gadget Lover

Bendy USB Charging Cable is a Welcome New Innovation for Any Gadget Lover

Oh, the USB charging cable, how we love you.  You give us life and help us do wonderful things on our fantastic, fancy, expensive devices. Without you, we would be lost in the darkness of loneliness. But, you wonderful giver of life, you can be so fragile. The times that I’ve accidentally damaged you due to seemingly reasonable use, I’ve always blamed myself. You are delicate, I told myself, I must do better next time. However, apparently it’s not my fault; some companies just make weaker USB cables that will break easier. You have to search pretty hard to find any kind of durable USB cable and when you do find them, they are more expensive than a typical USB cable. Or do you? There’s a new USB cable that promises durability and flashy colors for a very reasonable price. It’s called the Bendy and it’s amazing!



The Bendy USB cable is designed with one purpose in mind: durability. Normal USB cables can get damaged from repeated stress on the neck (the part of cable just before the USB or micro USB/Lightning connector) due to simple user error. While I have learned to keep those sections of the cable straight and flat, it takes constant and consistent awareness of this structural flaw in order to avoid any splitting of the outer casing. With Bendy, there is not such problem. The cable is thickly covered in a strong, flexible coating that will resist such damage. Also, the coating comes in many different fun colors! Many consumer electronics are adding customization as a feature of their products so I’m glad Bendy follows the trend.


What It Can Do

While it seems quite common today to want the longest possible cords available, Bendy is merely 7 inches long. Why is that? It’s not meant to replace your proprietary charger for your smartphone or tablet; it’s meant to make certain situations less hazardous and less worrisome, such as a messy desk or a small pocket. It will certainly make carrying a battery pack a whole lot easier since you won’t have to scrunch a long cable into a tiny pocket and risk damaging the cable.

So if you have a love-hate relationship with your current USB cables, Bendy is an intelligent and colorful alternative that will last you much longer than those cheap ones you can buy at the grocery store. Go support their Kickstarter campaign, they could use your help!

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