Best fitness gadgets to revamp your home gym

Could your home fitness gear use an update? If you've been using the same elliptical day in and day out for years, you'll want to have a look at today's roundup. It covers the latest workout equipment that can spice up your home gym. Keep reading this blog to learn more.

Best fitness gadgets to revamp your home gym
Tempo Studio AI home gym in use

It’s nice to give your home gym an upgrade every now and then. A revamp keeps your workouts fresh and prevents boredom. So, if you’re still chugging along on that treadmill you bought over a decade ago, you should have a look at the gear on today’s roundup of the best fitness gadgets for home gyms. These workout devices feature the latest tech and trends for home exercise.

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For workout equipment that complements your home decor, look no further than this all-in-one exercise wall. It has a beautiful wood design and comes with everything you need for a full-body workout. And this fitness mirror hangs on your wall and gives you access to live and on-demand classes. From treadmills to rowing machines and jump rope systems to pilates equipment, this list has everything for you to liven up your at-home workouts.

NordicTrack Vault Premier Home Gym

The first item on our list of the best gadgets for home gyms is the NordicTrack Vault Premier Home Gym. It pairs reflexive training and custom workout accessories with iFit interactive workouts.

Tempo Studio AI Home Gym

Get an intense workout with the Tempo Studio AI Home Gym. It has every piece of equipment you need to challenge yourself, including dumbells, barbells, and plates. The 42-inch touchscreen gives you access to Tempo’s personalized workouts for a trainer-like experience.

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

The Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine has been completely re-engineered with patented technology that makes every stroke feel like you’re on the water. With its built-in display, you become immersed in live classes, a recorded river, studio rowing sessions, and more.

NOHrD Wall Compact All-in-One Exercise Wall

Have access to a virtual coach right in your own home with the NOHrD Wall Compact All-in-One Exercise Wall, which is another great product for home gyms. This fitness solution provides full-body workouts with strength and endurance training from a virtual coach.

NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Manual Treadmill

You set the speed with the NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Manual Treadmill. This treadmill has no settings or speed limit, letting you go for a stroll or an all-out sprint. The slight incline helps you burn 30% more calories.

JAXJOX InteractiveStudio Home Fitness Equipment

Store your weights in one convenient place when you have the JAXJOX InteractiveStudio Home Fitness Equipment. It holds dumbells, barbells, and plates. You even get a 43-inch touchscreen where you can watch daily live and on-demand classes through a subscription.

MIRROR Interactive Home Gym

Another of the best fitness gadgets for home gyms is the MIRROR Interactive Home Gym. This fitness mirror provides on-demand and live classes from several workout genres.

Velites Earth 2.0 Jump Rope Fitness System

Amp up your at-home training with the Velites Earth 2.0 Jump Rope Fitness System. It includes a training app, a workout mat, the Earth 2.0 jump rope, three cables, and three weights, letting you customize your jump sessions.

Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

Strengthen your whole body with the Tonal Intelligent Fitness System. This home gym mounts to the wall and uses digital weights for a smooth lifting experience. The intelligent features also let this system customize your workout and suggest programs.

Escape Fitness PLYO360 Gym Jumping Box

The Escape Fitness PLYO360 Gym Jumping Box is another great product on this list of the best fitness gadgets for home gyms. It has target marking, so you know exactly where to land. It also has cushioning to protect your joints.

Timebirds Portable Workout Timer

Keep track of the minutes and seconds more easily with the Timebirds Portable Workout Timer. It’s pocket-sized, it sticks to metal, and it’s highly visible.

Garmin Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer

Train indoors with the Garmin Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer. This bicycle trainer immerses you as you cycle and even gives you information about your power and cadence.

Garmin Tacx NEO 2T smart trainer

Garmin Tacx NEO 2T smart trainer with a cyclist

.fonv Reformer Pilates Equipment

Get fit at home with the .fonv Reformer Pilates Equipment. This aesthetically pleasing Pilates machine lets you perform all the essential moves thanks to its automatic rope gear, headrest handle, and footbar lever.

Peloton Tread Running Machine

Take your daily jog to a whole new level with another of the best fitness gadgets for home gyms: the Peloton Tread Running Machine. It gives you access to classes and comes in Tread and Tread+ models.

Liteboxer Bundle Boxing Machine

Train like a boxer at home when you have the Liteboxer Bundle Boxing Machine. It provides full-body boxing sessions using technology, music, and expert training on one platform.

Are you ready to breathe new life into your at-home workouts? With the gear on this list, you’re sure to get into and maintain the best shape of your life. What fitness equipment did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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