Best iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases for total convenience

When you look in your wallet, how many of your cards in there are unnecessary? Probably most. Cut down on the amount you carry by pairing effortless access to the cards you need with exceptional protection for your smartphone.

Best iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases for total convenience
BookBook vol. 2 iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case by Twelve South in Brown

When it comes to everyday carry gear, iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases are the ultimate solution. For so long, brands have been creating products that are smaller and smaller to better fit into our busy, on-the-go lives. Yet, somehow, we have more to carry and protect than ever.

Along with a wallet, you need to also carry your keys, earbuds, power bank, and more, all while keeping your smartphone safe and secure. Likewise, all your EDC gear needs to remain accessible and within reach for when you need it.

And if you’re commuting, having more to carry just means more hassle and more chances to lose important items. Solving all of these issues is simple: combine your gear.

While trying to combine your power bank and keys may prove to be tricky, these iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases should simplify a few things. From quickly scanning your card for public transport to only needing to remember one item on a night out, these cases will simplify your life.

How iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases can lighten your load

When it comes to protecting your smartphone, there are multiple features you search for that are similar to what you’d look for in a nice wallet. Of course, you need durable materials to protect your valuables. Likewise, you want it to hold everything you need without it being too bulky. And, finally, style is of the utmost importance, seeing as you’ll be carrying it with you every day.

Marrying these two concepts into one product is an obvious choice for those always on the go. With a great wallet case, you can have peace of mind that your smartphone and wallet alike are protected and easy to carry. Each one of these eight cases has something different to offer. Whether you’re into form over function or protection over wireless charging, there’s an iPhone wallet out there for you.

iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case by Bellroy

It’s slim, sleek, practical, and loaded with convenience. The iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case from Bellroy may look like a regular case at first glance but it’s far from it. This case conceals a built-in wallet on the back with space for up to three cards. The cover of the wallet also doubles as a kickstand. If that wasn’t enough, the interior has a built-in slot for stashing a spare SIM card.

iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case by Pad & Quill

If you require a bit more wallet and a lot more protection, the iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case by Pad & Quill is for you. It has a folio design that wraps around the device on three sides. The cover stays in place with a strong elastic. On the inside, there are four card slots along with a slot for your cash so you can carry it all.

Pad & Quill's iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case secures closed with an elastic strap

Pad & Quill’s iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case secures closed with an elastic strap

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 iPhone Wallet Case

Often times, you have to sacrifice wireless charging for storage space but with the Wallet Slayer Vol. 2, that just isn’t the case. This wallet case offers all-over protection as well as an easy-access card slot on the back. Thanks to a small cutout, you can easily push out the card as soon as you need it.

BookBook vol. 2 iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

The BookBook vol. 2 Wallet Case has another element of security most cases don’t have: it conceals your smartphone as a book. Yes, you read that correctly. When closed, this folio-style case looks like an old book. But, on the inside, it protects your smartphone while offering four easy-access card slots.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

When it comes to wanting something stylish yet practical, Mujjo is your best bet and the Full Leather Wallet Case is no different. Designed for the iPhone 11 Pro, this case has a card slot sewn into the back. But, it somehow remains insanely thin, making you forget it’s even there at all.

Mujjo's iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case features luxurious leather

Mujjo’s iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case features luxurious leather

Bandolier Emma Leather Crossbody iPhone Wallet

For the outliers who like a bit more oomph, check out the Bandolier Emma. It’s a crossbody leather wallet case for the iPhone 11 Pro. Extending from the bottom of the case is a sleek leather strap. When it’s worn across your body, you simply lift your iPhone to access it. The same goes for your cards. It keeps your device safe and sound with the all-over padding and right by your side with the long strap.

Bandolier's Emma is an iPhone 11 Pro wallet case with a strap

This iPhone 11 Pro Wallet case has snaps to secure cards

Smartish Dancing Queen iPhone Wallet Case

If you like that style but need to carry more, the Dancing Queen Wallet Case puts an entire wallet on the back of the pouch design. There’s room for all the cash and cards you need and it seals shut with two snaps for total peace of mind. On the flip side, you get full access to your smartphone screen while the strap keeps it close.

Nomad Rugged Folio for iPhone 11 Pro

Nomad has two goals for every product: classy and minimalist. They absolutely nailed it with the Rugged Folio. Made for the iPhone 11 Pro, the effortlessly sleek leather exterior wraps around the device. On the inside are three slim card slots complete with a felt cover to help keep your screen squeaky clean.


What do you think – is having your smartphone and wallet in one a more efficient way to carry your gear? Or are you more likely to lose both if they’re an all-in-one? Or, are you a true purist and simply like to keep all of your gear separate? Another alternative is to use a super-compact adhesive pocket on the back of your smartphone that has room for just a single card.

No matter your stance, these iPhone wallet cases are sure to grab your attention. Let us know in the comments which wallet case would work best for you.

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